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  • HEAT RESISTANCE - High Heat resistance capacity up to 170 deg Good for Heat prone areas like kitchen burner or dining table top.
  • EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT - Bonds in 10-15 min Faster Completion of Carpentry. Faster Completion of work Faster Setting time: 2 hrs and saves labour.
  • FAST BONDING - Fast Bonding, Grip & No Spring Back Action Best results in Vertical Applications & executing Complicated designs.
  • INSIDE LAMINATIONS - One of the best usages of HeatX is for Andarwala laminate i.e. for inside lamination of cabinets & storages. No constant pressure & masking tape required Best for Inside Laminate of shutters.
  • IDEAL - Ideal for Vertical applications.

Fevicol Heatx Adhesive

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