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Plywood is an engineered wood sheet material made up of fine layers or flimsy strands of wood veneers. Due to the beneficial properties of plywood, it has become the most demanding building materials over traditional materials like natural wood, bricks, plastic, etc. Plywood is a wonderful combination of lightness, strength and flexibility.


Modular Kitchen Hardwares

The modern kitchen ergonomics allows you to make the most efficient use of your kitchen space. Its important to pay some attention to the way your kitchen is designed, to optimize your movements and minimize the stress put on our body while performing everyday kitchen activities.

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Veneers and Laminates

Since veneers are actually wood slices, they impart a warm and a natural wooden look to the surfaces where they are used. Used for furniture and panelling of all kinds, they are considered a great option for residences. Today, the market also offers range of veneers which are used for complete wall panelling.


PVC Foam Board

PVC Foam Board is a new generation material and its biggest advantage is that it is waterproof. It comes in an attractive white shade and does not decay or absorb humidity.  Due to its features and multiple uses, they are preferred over other building materials of the same functionality. Day by day, its applications are increasing and owing to its flexible pricing, they are becoming the right choice for a wide range of residential furnishings.

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The glass used in many structural applications in buildings has become more familiar with its unique mechanical, optical and aesthetic properties. As a construction material, glass has many uses, from aesthetics of structure to insulation and even lighting.

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Besides standard storage containers and utensils, modern appliances are an important part of a kitchen and do actually improve the quality of your life by making tasks easy. With the right appliances, cooking and other kitchen tasks will become your day's preferred activities.


WPC Foam Board

WPC Foam Boards, as the name suggests, is wood plastic composite. It has long service life and wooden appearance. They are the best alternative for natural wood as well as plywood. In terms of percentage it comprises of 70% of virgin polymer, 15% of wood powder and the remaining 15% of additive chemical.

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The function of your door hardware refers what mechanisms are used and how they operate in your hardware. Interior hardware such as door knobs and door levers are available in passage, privacy, or dummy functions. Exterior hardware such as deadbolts and entry sets come in single-cylinder and double-cylinder functions.

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he doors play a major role in decorating our house at its best. Considering this, the Quality of the door should also be looked upon before making final decision.Membrane door is a type of door that is produced and created by undergoing the process of combining HDF moulded doors along with solid flush doors.

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